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Out on Pier 17 on Manhattan, a couple of guys drag a cocoon out of the water. Almost immediately, it hatches, a hand bursting forth, soon followed by a dark humanoid body. It soars to a position over the loft where Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters are having a romantic dinner, and the bursts through the ceiling. We can finally see it clearly, and it seems to be a golden human woman. A very annoyed Ben attacks, and she blasts him across the room. She then tells Alicia that she has come for her, and when Ben gets back up she blasts him through the wall and then deposits him gently on the terrace across the street. After repairing Alicia's apartment with a wave of her hand, she flies off with Alicia in tow.

Ben races back to the Baxter Building (headquarters of the Fantastic Four), and frantically tries to find and activate a gadget of reed's that will allow him to track her. He's interrupted by Starhawk, of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had sensed the rising of the golden woman, but who's sense are being interfered with by Ben's gadget.

Meanwhile, we learn that the golden women has abducted Alicia because she's looking for information about the one once known as him, and according to a computer she'd once been linked to, Alicia had been among the last to see Him. Moondragon, meanwhile, has been attracted by all this, and tells the golden woman of Him's later life, and death, as Adam Warlock.

At about this time, Starhawk and Ben arrive, as the other three are about to depart again (Alicia is going along voluntarily, but Ben doesn't know this)...

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