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We start with Thundra and the Grapplers breaking in to Project Pegasus. We learn that she's been offered a mysterious "reward that could mean the world to her" if she breaks in to Pegasus with the four Grapplers and places a mysterious package in a certain place. They succeed in short order, at which point the four Grapplers break away on their own missions, to Thundra's surprise.

Elsewhere, Ben is talking to the still-comatose Wundarr. After a guilt-ridden Ben leaves, we see the "comatose" and "childlike" Wundarr lift up and say "Ben-- I understand." Ben runs into Thundra (who is only trying to leave quietly) in no time, and a fight breaks out. Elsewhere, security alarms go off and Quasar ends up fighting Letha and Screaming Mimi, while Giant-Man (who now has Project Pegasus security credentials) ends on the verge of being thrown into a furnace by Poundcakes and Titania...

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