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Benjamin J. Grimm takes a Fantastic Four aircraft to Project: Pegasus to offer his services for security detail as an apology since, during a recent visit he apparently damaged much equipment.

He lands and is escorted to decon and is throughly scanned and after a legthy process is eventually cleared for security detail. He meets Dr. Myron Wilburn who goes to escort the Thing to the security chief’s office for a proper introduction. As Dr. Wilburn says “Oh, here he is now.” Thing turns as sees the Crusader!

A former hero from the 50’s who went insane and endangered the people of New York City. He fought the Fantastic Four and nearly defeated them. He however in the end attmpted to use too much power from his “power bands” and disintegrated himself. Now, years later, the Thing is facing him again, by himself.

Grimm attacks knowing he may not have the chance to hurt him shortly and the “Crusader” responds with surprise, he dodges the blow that would likely cave-in his skull and attempts to take to the air but Grimm grabs him by the cape.

The “Crusader” blasts him with a jolt of energy, enough to make Grimm loose the cape. They fight a bit some more, finally Grimm complains that the “Crusader” is jumping around to much and that he should sit still, and oddly the “Crusader” obliges.

The ever-loving blue eyed Thing winds up for a blow that might hypothetically leave “Crusader” a bloody smear on the wall and “Crusader” just stands there, waiting for it. Thing throws his rocky fist and it bounces off a force shield that the “Crusader” has projected in front of himself. The force of Thing’s attack is enough to knock himself over. “Crusader” envelops Thing in an energy cage, saying “It’s time I showed you the might of Quasar.” Once Thing has calmed down and understands that Quasar is not the dreaded Crusader, he just wears a nearly identical costume and has similar powers.

Quasar explains that he received the ‘Power-Bands’ after the Crusader had disintegrated himself and was offered to test the wrist-bands by his father who had come to study them. They were quite surprised to find that the bands wouldn’t come off. He went on to explain that his adventures with Captain America and battles with the Hulk.

Quasar was gracious with Thing and offered a tour of the Project.

They find Thing’s friend Wundaar, who Thing had prought to the Project months earlier. Wundaar is catatonic after being forced to take the power of the Cosmic Cube into himself. They, along with Jeannine O’Connell (staff Psychotherapist) note that no powers or energy seems to function in the presence of Wundaar. Lights, instuments, Quasar’s power-bands, Thing’s physical strength, all powerless.

Finally Grimm is escorted to his assigned quarters as it is getting late. He decides that he wants to get some people together a get a game of poker going. He wanders the coridors of Project: Pegasus and is unaware of the cyborg, Deathlok lurking behind a nearby corner.

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