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After the less than succesful start of the trial in last issue, Ben sits in his cell reading the Bugle, which, of course, has "Thing Behind Prison Bars" as its cover story. Meanwhile, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are desperately trying to postpone the trial and protect Ben, to no avail. Matt suits up as Daredevil, and goes to check out the mysterious shop-owner who had demanded Ben's arrest and was the leading witness against him. The back of the shop turns out to have a stolen car ring, and the shop-owner/witness turns out to be darn close to superhuman, and beats Daredevil unconscious and dumps him in the river in a car trunk. Daredevil drowns. Okay, no, he comes to and escapes, and shortly thereafter changes back to Matt Murdock and heads for the jail cell to tell Ben what has been learned. Evidence that he's been framed is enough for Ben, who smashes his way out of the jail and goes off to look into it himself. At least one other detainee makes a break for it as well, and Murdock slips away to change into his Daredevil costume and try to help Ben...

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