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The Thing, sucked into a vortex of the Bermuda Triangle! While visiting Cape Canaveral, a routine appearance for Ben Grimm turns into a battle with prehistoric beasts. Meet Skull the Slayer and his crew of scientists, a time-displaced lot trapped in the world of dinosaurs. Will Grimm and the lost adventurers finally find their meal ticket home?

Returning from his vacation in London, Ben heads for Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he's been asked by an old army buddy to to test fly a new experimental jet, while at the same time look for signs of a lost Cobalt Bomb. His jet is grabbed by an exceedingly large pterodactyl, which carries it (and Ben) across some prehistoric land.

Cut to four Americans (Skull the Slayer and his three compatriots) strapped to a pillar in a old temple and held captive by the Jaguar Priest. While they recap for us how they came to be brought to this same land (also lost in a jet over the Bermuda Triangle), the Jaguar Priest tries to get the secret of Skull's belt of strength from him. The pterodactyl flies up (the Jaguar Priest claims it as "his pet"), and deposits the jet. A very confused Ben Grimm emerges, and, after being attacked by some of the Jaguar Priest's minions, levels the Temple, freeing Skull and his companions. The five escape, fighting more minions and an unfriendly dinosaur, but soon realize that Ben's jet in unflyable and they all seem to be stuck here, wherever here is...

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