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Ben and Alicia are out in London, passing time while Dr. Kort tries to help Deathlok. An explosion occurs, and Ben hustles off to find a band of crooks attempting an armed robbery of Westminster Abbey. Ben intervenes, and is pretty much finishing up the burglars when he gets blasted from behind by a flying (gliding?) costumed woman- Spider-woman. The forgotten crooks escape with the silver plate that they came for, and Spider-woman soon flees as well, chanting catchy slogans like "Hydra never fails!" She returns to Hydra HQ, where Supremem Hydra sends her to her room, and then gloats about the vial of formula that they got off of Professor Kort last issue, and about the hypnosis that they have Spider-woman under.

Ben, meanwhile, has hooked up with Scotland Yard (and Nick Fury as well), and is told that Spider-woman is not a baddie, but is merely under Hydra's control. After a quick cut to the band of crooks we saw earlier and their plan to steal one more thing to make a treasure map, we move on to Ben and Alicia walking at the Tower of London when Spider-woman suddenly swoops out of the sky and carries off Alicia. Ben gives chase, of course...

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