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Ben Grimm and Nick Fury are facing off against an unhappy and confused Deathlok the Demoplisher in the Baxter Building. Mentallo and the Fixer convince Deathlok that the other two are his enemies, and while the fight begins, Fixer zaps Deathlok with a mind-control device, assuming complete control of him. The two depart by air, with Deathlok in tow, and Fury takes off to try to see what he can learn. The Fixer and Mentallo, alone with Deathlok, discuss their plans for him, which seem to include the assassination of President-Elect Jimmy Carter at his inauguration.

On inauguration day... the FF are getting into formal dress for the inauguration. The Fixer and Mentallo are setting Deathlok on his task with a specially made rifle. Fury is in Washington as well, and has just learned that Mentallo and the Fixer are there. Nick hooks up with the Fantastic Four inside the White House and lets them know what's up, at which point Reed immediately makes a mysterious phone call...

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