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After last issue, Ben, the Human Torch, and Janice Lightner stand over the motionless body of Thomas Lightner, one half of the villain Blacksun. As far as they can tell, he has no life signs, but in an attempt to save him Johnny comes up with some heat-related pseudo-science that doesn't quite make sense but which enables them to put him in stasis, and rush him back to New York City and a hospital. They know just the doctor- this guy who used to work with the Avengers on occasion named Dr. Donald Blake (known better to us as the mighty Thor!).

Back in NYC, Dr. Blake is in surgery. Outside, in the hospital, a mysterious dark figure who speaks in a very godly manner is making his way up to the operating theater, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. He reaches the operating room, and Dr. Blake just has time to finish the vital parts of the operation and get the nurses and the patient to safety as the figure demands Dr. Blake pick up his cane and face him as Thor. He does so, and the figure reveals himself to be Seth, the Egyptian god of death.

About this time, Ben, Johnny, Janice and the body have arrived on the rooftop, and are making their way through the hospital. Its more than obvious that something is wrong, and while Johnny maintains the body, Ben pushes forward to find out what the fuss is all about...

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