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The Thing completes his mission of going into the past to grab some vibranium from the Axis Power. While in the past, he gets help from the Liberty Legion. 


      Its the 1940s, and Ben has flung himself into the air at a flying Nazi swastika that is circling over New York City. Manning, if that's the correct term, the swastika is Brain Drain, a disembodied human brain. With his hypnotic abilities, he makes Ben tell him where he came from and how he got to be there, recapping MTIO Annual 1 for us. With the recital over, Ben regains his freedom of movement, and proceeds to tear into the swastika. As Ben tears into it, Brain Drain retreats, carrying both of them to the secret Nazi base at sea.
     As they land gently, Ben looks around to find the other three Nazi villains there: Skyshark, Master Man, and U-Man. An all-out fight follows, and things are finally starting to not go too well for Ben when the Liberty Legion arrive in the Thin Man's plane...

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