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The Thing and the Scarecrow cross paths.

Ben is out with Alicia at a late-night gallery opening, dressed to the nines in his tux. He's introduced to Jess Duncan and Harmony Maxwell, who tell him of his earlier adventures where he met The Scarcrow (whose painting hangs on the gallery wall). Ben claims to disbelieve the mumbo-jumbo (and is annoyed to be missing Space 1999 on TV!), but as the evening goes on and on he gets more and more creeped out by the whole thing. Meanwhile, one of the guests becomes possessed, knocks out Jess's brother Dave, and leaps into the portrait of the Scarecrow that hangs into the gallery. As Ben and Alicia are about to leave, screams ring out and a flaming demon materializes out of the Scarecrow painting.

Ben is noticeably uncomfortable with the supernatural aspects of this whole thing, particularly when the demon's blasts burns his unstable molecules Tux. As he faces down the demon, an eerie laughter floats from the window and Ben glances over to meet the Scarecrow...

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