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The Thing and Morbius fight the Living Eraser and defeat him. 
    Alicia Masters is working in her studio late at night on a bust of Ben. Through the skylight, silhouetted against the moon, we see... Morbius, the Living Vampire. Morbius sneaks in, and Alicia screams. Ben is just down the hall, coming up with a bouquet of flowers, and crashes to the rescue. After a quick tussle, Morbius flees (Alicia begging Ben to help him, not hurt him).
     Not far away, we see the Living Eraser emerge into our dimension, and erase some poor wino who just happened to be there. The Living Eraser is one of those super-villains who talks to himself, apparently, and he recites his origin story there in the alley. About the time he finishes, a hungry Morbius swoops in from behind him for dinner. Ben hears the yells, and drops from Alicia's window to the fight below. As Morbius and Ben exchange blows, the Living Eraser gets up and 'erases' both of them into another dimension.
     Realizing things have changed more than slightly, Ben and Morbius cease fighting, and begin working together to try to figure out what to do now...    

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