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The Black Widow is walking down a New York alleyway dressed as a civilian when she is surrounded by a bunch of muggers. Luckily, Spider-man swings in and takes care of them. She also punches one but is surprised and afraid. After seeing Spider-man, she faints from nervousness. She awakes to find herself in a room with Spider-man, and we also see that she is being tracked.

However, she has amnesia and forgets her past, including her Black Widow alias. He finds the Black Widow costume in her bag and tells her to put it on in hopes of remembering who she is. It doesn't work and they go outside, only to be attacked by a S.H.I.E.L.D Strike Force. He holds her and starts leaping across roof tops but is grazed by a bullet and stunned. An agent stands in their way but the amnesiac Black Widow suddenly some quick moves to take the agent out. For some reason, she still doesn't remember who she is and panics again. This time however, they are surrounded and Spider-man is knocked down. She hides, only to see them about to kill the web-slinger. She rescues him and takes out the agents. Suddenly, Nick Fury appears and shoots her. Spider-man tries to leap at him but he is shot as well. The story ends with Fury telling his agents to clean up the scene.

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