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On a stone abutment at the edge of the river near Harlem River Drive, two brothers, Jacob and Jefferson Bolt, are having an argument. They are black, and Jefferson is accusing Jacob of pandering to the white people. Jacob is a college student while Jefferson is a member of a street gang, and this is the source of their conflict. When Jefferson angrily throws a punch and knocks Jacob down, Jacob leaves in disgust, telling his brother not to bother coming home. Then Jefferson sees a body floating in the river so he throws off his jacket and dives into the water to pull the body out. He does not know that he has rescued Morbius. Jefferson lays Morbius down on the sidewalk, Morbius slowly opens his eyes saying that he feels weak. Then he suddenly leaps for Jefferson's throat.

Several weeks later as Spiderman is web swinging above New York City in the moonlight, a sudden dizzy spell prevents him from activating his web shooters. He starts falling towards the street but his spider sense and his reflex allows him to grab a ledge and save himself. As he pulls himself up and tries to clear his head, he guesses that a flu virus is causing his condition. Unfortunately the dizziness increases, and he loses his footing and falls unconscious to the roof of the building below.

Meanwhile, at the Baxter Bulding the Human Torch and The Thing are arguing over what to watch on television. The Torch decides to let The Thing have his way, and as he flames on and flies out of the building a bell announces a visitor in the lobby. Ben congratulates himself on his lucky day when he sees a good looking woman in the viewscreen. Then he activates the elevator and soon the woman steps into Fantastic Four's headquarters. Suddenly she faints, and Ben quickly escorts her to a chair. Ben calls for Reed Richards and Sue Storm. When Sue sees that that woman is upset she tells Reed and Ben to leave while she takes care of her. Reed tells Ben that he thinks he recognizes the woman but before Reed can reveal any further Johnny Storm returns and Sue invites her team mates to list to the woman's story.

The woman, whose name is Martine Bancroft, tells them about her fiance, Michael Morbius, the noted hematologist who became a vampire while attempting to cure his blood disease. Martine came to the Baxter Building because she discovered some of the Morbius correspondence with Reed. When Martine mentions that Morbius also corresponded with Professor Hans Jorgenson at State University in Queens, Johnny streaks out of The Baxter Building. Johnny did not believe Martine's story until he remembered a battle against Morbius that Spiderman described. While Johnny thinks its a long shot, he acknowledges that its possible that Morbius that Spiderman battled and the Morbius that Martine is describing are one and the same. If so, Johnny expects to find Spiderman at State University along with the professor. Perhaps, he thinks it is time he and Spiderman teamed up once more.

As Johnny pauses over an abandoned warehouse in Long Island City, Morbius, who is inside, expresses his gratitude to Jefferson Bolt. During the past week Morbius has been rebuilding his strength and regenerating the enzyme that Spiderman and Curtis Connors removed for his blood. Jefferson Bolt has kept his company and in allowing Morbius to feed on his blood, he has taken on some of Morbius's attributes. Morbius feels remorse upon having turned a fellow human being into a vampire but Jefferson tells him he likes being one. Then saying that there is a man who might yet be able to save their lives, Morbius leaps from the window and glides away on the night breeze. Jefferson Bolt knows where Morbius is headed and he too soon departs for the Queens Campus of State University.

Still feeling dizzy Spiderman web-swings to to State University Campus to consult his biology teacher, Professor Jorgenson, to inquire about his illness. As he changes out of his costume he continues to feel feverish and begins to sweat, in fact, he realizes that he has never felt this sick before. But as Peter Parker slowly walks to Professor's classroom , he spots the Human Torch streaking by overhead, and he laboriously dons his costume once more. He once told Johnny Storm that he took classes there, and he guesses that Johnny has come for some conversation. Meanwhile Professor Jorgenson is lecturing a night class in biology. Just as he is about to describe Michael Morbius's blood enzyme theory, The Human Torch flies in through the window. Johnny apologies for the interrupting and explains that he has some information about Michael Morbius. Then Spiderman enters through another window. The professor asks them both to wait for the lecture to finish and invites them to his apartment afterwards. Later, over tea, Spiderman tells Jorgenson and Human Torch that he battled Morbius a couple of weeks ago and that Morbius as far as he knows is dead. Jorgenson cannot believe that Morbius is dead, and indeed, Jorgenson is correct because at the very moment a weakened Morbius is approaching the outskirts of the college. It has been many hours since Morbius last fed and he is extremely hungry. When he sees someone sitting on the beach in the college park, he leaps for the man's throat and begins drinking his blood. The unfortunate victim screams and when the scream is heard by Spiderman and The Human Torch, they leap out Jorgenson window, leaving the Professor confused.

Spiderman's head aches and fever racks in his body as he and The Human Torch head for the scream. Jacob Bolt, who is just leaving a night class, sees them, deduces that someone is in trouble in the campus and follows them on foot. A hundred yards away Spiderman and Morbius find Morbius and a fight ensures. But neither notices that Jefferson Bolt is lurking in the bushes nearby, having trailed Morbius from Long Island City. Spiderman starts wailing on Morbius, feeling bad that he failed to make sure that Morbius could do no more harm after their previous battle. Jonny Joins the fight as well. Unfortunately since Spiderman is sick and Johnny's fireball are too hot, Spiderman can fight properly and Morbius starts to run away. With his last ounce of strength Spiderman tackles Morbius but Jacob Bolt believing Spiderman is attacking without a cause comes to help Morbius. Morbius finding an opening temporarily stuns Spiderman. Then a couple of college student start attack The Human Torch. Spiderman stunned and Human Torch attacked, Morbius is free and he jumps on Jacobs throat. Seeing his brother in trouble Jefferson tries to intervene, but he swatted away by Morbius. Spiderman eventually manages to free himself from his attackers but by the time Morbius has already fled.

Human Torch eventually frees himself as well, but they discover that Jefferson was killed in the chaos. Feeling guilt both Human Torch and Spiderman leaves Jacob alone to mourn his brother and the issue concludes.

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