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On the day before Christmas Peter Parker is on the job for the Daily Bugle, taking pictures for a human interest story.The subject for the Christmas eve edition is the polar bear club. Peter begins to take pictures of the club of ice water bathers file into the ocean. Suddenly a woman screams as she runs out of the cold ocean water. "Somethings Alive in there". A tentacle or something grazed my leg " At that moment the sandy tentacle appears out of the water onto beach spiraling into the shape of the Sandman . Police officers rush off the boardwalk to subdue Sandman who still has a warrant out for his arrest to no avail. as sandy tentacles squeeze the air out of their lungs .Peter makes a quick change into his famous alter ego behind a refreshment stand. Spiderman springs into action to skirmish with the infamous Sandman only to have him merge his sandy body with the rest of the beach. Swinging away from the scene Peter remembers he has a date with Gwen. As Spiderman swings into the city he is suddenly attacked by flame rings. As he falls Spiderman stops himself by adhering to the Baxter building. There from a window of the building is Johnny Storm AKA Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. He apologizes for the incident. Spiderman tells him of his recent fight with the Sandman.Torch also tells the story of when he last tangled with the villian Together they decide to go find Sandman on a hunch in the Fantasi-car. During their search for the Sandman, Spiderman disrupt a minor league robbery as calls it. As they banter aboard the Fantasti-car The Human Torch spots a cement truck sliding out of control on the icy streets below and saves the driver ,the oncoming traffic and pedestrians by vaporizing the ice and snow. Soon they spot the Sandman by Mackland industries. Annoyed that Human Torch sudden alarm of alert informed the Sandman of their presence. They both try to take on Sandman individually. As Torch throws fire rings at Sandman it makes Spiderman fall into his nemisis' hands. The Sandman then throws Spiderman into a wall ,dazing him . The Sandman then sandblasts the Torch still his flames off out falls. Spidey's head clears enough to spin a web net to catch the falling Torch. Both of them charge the villain to be knocked out cold as Sandman changes into a brick wall at last second. he then drops the heros into a water tower to drown. The Torch comes to first. He then burns off their bindings then manages to get them out of the water tower before they drown. They manage to catch up to Sandman entering atwo story bungalow. Inside they find him dressed in civies visiting his mother for Christmas. He promises to go along peacefyully after the visit. Spidey and Torch agree. Spidey decides to keep a lookout outside in case Sandman escapes Torch waiting for him inside. Spidey realizing its been more than 5 minutes pokes his head in a window to find Torch sitting on a soft chair. they run upstairs to find Sandman escaped through the bathroom drain.

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