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The third part of the Contest begin with Wolverine, Thing and Peregrine versus Angel, Vanguard and Black Panther. They all split up and decide to look after the object alone. Wolverine finds Black Panther and tries to kill him even it's being only a game. Peregrine attacks Angel with incredible fighting skills in the air, while Thing starts a fight with Vanguard who has the power to deflect any kind of power used against him. Angel manages to get a stick from a village and then defeats Peregrine. Thing splits Vanguard from his weapons that give him his powers and then can defeat him with a punch. Then Thing argues with Wolverine about using lethal attacks, even they being in the same team. At the end Wolverine and Black Panther smell the prize, and Thing grabs it from the ground. The Grandmaster wins one more 2-1.

The last part begins in a jungle in South America, with the Grandmaster team formed by Sasquatch, Captain America and Blitzkrieg, and the unknown team Storm, Shamrock and Collective Man. Again they split up and start search for the prize alone. Blitzkrieg finds Storm and tries to use his lightning powers against her, but she manipulates his lights and the wind against him. Captain America battles Shamrock, but she uses her incredible luck to escape. Sasquatch fights Collective Man and easily grabs him, but then he uses the power of ten thousand Chinese to punch Sasquatch away. At the end Blitzkrieg works with Captain America and they find the prize together, but Shamrock has the luck to grab it just next to her position. Grandmaster wins again 3-1.

All the heroes come back to the planet where the Contest had begun. While the strange starts to talk, Iron Man, Thing, Wolverine and Talisman sense something wrong about this bet. Talisman enters his dream dimension and ask to Invisible Woman to investigate the Strange. When Susan removes its hood, it's Death herself! Death reveals her plans to the Grandmaster - he has to die in exchange for his brother's life. Then he accept and the Collector appears alive again, while Grandmaster turns into ashes. The Collector swears to revenge his brother's life against Death.

At the end, every hero is back to his life again, just like before the Contest. Beast makes a little joke with his teammates Avengers.







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