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From The Longbox Marvel Spotlight #5

Wow ... don't know what to say about this one. To be honest, I wasn't all to familiar with the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. I read a few of the books as a kid, but mostly I read the Danny Ketch comics in the 90's and of course there was the movie. So it was quite a shock to see that the book opens with Ghost Rider not only riding by a murder, and not seeming to care, but also running away from the guys who did it. They begin to chase him so they can stop him from identifying them. That is right. The Spirit Of Vengeance runs from a pack of murderers. Safe to say, they did not have a handle on the character yet.

Frankly, i prefer the movie version to what i have seen in the first issue. In the Movie Johnny was tricked into selling his soul for the needs of a loved one. Here he is the one who initiates the deal. It is for a sick friend instead of his own father, but it still shows a heroic side. Problem with this part of the book is , there are no really sympathetic characters. We see Blaze is in love with Roxanne, but she comes of as shrill and unlikable.

The concept alone of course would take it to the next issue, so i can understand why there was a next issue, but I am interested in seeing the characters progression at least to see when he starts becoming the character I am familiar with.

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