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Continued from the previous issue.

With the help of the mysterious Ninja, Iron Fist is able to defeat Triple-Iron by short circuiting his exo-suit. Entering the next room, Iron Fist finds himself face to face with Harold Meachum, however he is shocked to discover that Meachum is confined to a wheelchair.

Meachum reveals that after he abandoned Danny and Heather Rand in the Himalayas, he got lost in the mountains. Luckily for him, a man from a near-by village discovered him, but Meachum's legs were to badly inflicted with frostbite, so they had to be amputated. While recovering in the village, Meachum over hears a conversation between the man who rescued him and another man. From this conversation, Meachum learns that Danny is still alive in K'un-Lun. Realising that Danny will be consumed by his desire for revenge, Meachum spends the next 10 years preparing for the inevitable show down.

However, Iron Fist takes pity on Meachum, who is nothing more than a broken old man. Iron Fist begins to leave, but Meachum becomes enraged, pulling a gun and demanding that Danny kill him. However, the Ninja suddenly appears, kills Meachum, the disappears. Meachum's daughter then enters, and, seeing Iron Fist and her father's dead body, vows revenge against Iron Fist who she believes to be the murderer, despite Iron Fists attempts to persuade her otherwise. Iron Fist then leaves, realizing the true extent of what revenge can do to a person.

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