The Return of the New Universe

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Today's release of the Avengers had a character who was speaking in code and he gave a prophecy, here is the translation.

The White Event refers to the New Universe series. It was an event where the Universe granted power sets to certain individuals in order to protect the planet due to oncoming events. The New Universe series took place in a separate universe than the standard Marvel Universe(it was supposed to be ours actually but take that with a grain of salt). The most recent solicits of Marvel revealed that the character Starbrand of the New Universe would be returning but apparently he will not be coming from the dimension the original title took place in but from the core marvel universe. This begs the question of what event could possibly be on the horizon that would cause the Universe to cause this now as it had not done so before thanks to our world's already stellar defense... who knows? But you have my attention Hickman.

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I loved Starbrand, I love this idea.

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I am fairly certain that the characters who receive powers will be the counterparts of the original New Universe characters... but I have to say, I would kind of love it if Frank Castle was the one who got the Justice Mark...

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Yeah Frank getting super powers. You think the Punisher fanboys are mad now with Thunderbolts you haven't seen rage if that ever happened.

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Oh yeah, I know there would be outrage and I doubt it would ever happen. The idea simply makes a kind of sense to me as when I read Justice's power set it made me think "Huh, how scary would Castle be with this?"

Still its not like it could be worse than Franken-Castle or Corporal Punishment... it could easily be as bad as Angel Castle though... shudder

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I really wouldn't consider Franken-Castle bad it was just met with negativity at first but then people settled down later on. Hell my friend who really likes Punisher admits to liking that story arc.

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In brightest day in blackest night! No Marvel Event should copy DC tonight!

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@TheCrowbar said:

In brightest day in blackest night! No Marvel Event should copy DC tonight!

@TheCrowbar: Okay... I am guessing you are saying The White Event is equivalent to Brightest Day... however I really wouldn't call it 'copying' as the White Event was first used with the creation of New Universe in 1986... So yeah, the White Event actually predates Brightest Day by twenty years.

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