Marvel Announces 'XX' Project from Brian Wood & Olivier Coipel

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Maybe its gonna be a team of teenage female x-men led by x-23.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

I'd rather this not be an X-23 title. She's not marketable/important enough for Brian Wood to write her, and certainly not good enough for Coipel to waste needless hours illustrating her. That'd be a real waste.

Lol no.

See, I haven't read Liu's run with X-23 yet (it just showed up yesterday, so I will soon enough) but I understand people who really liked Laura under Kyle & Yost's hand liked her a lot less under Liu's. I've even had someone tell me they didn't like the Kyost version because it wasn't what they'd liked about the NYX version of her. And let's not bother discussing how anyone who likes her hates the idea of her killing for or being killed by Hopeless. The point is that different writers bring different things to a character. I've never read anything with either of these creators (newbie and all), but if they're half as good as people seem to be suggesting, perhaps that's just the point: they could make people care about X-23. They could make her "marketable/important."

As for the viability of that actually being the case, it's tough to parse the wishful thinking from the hypothesizing. Whether this series was planned earlier, or is going to emerge as a response to outcry against Arena, we obviously don't know. Quite possibly Marvel threatened X-23 as a test case for whether she stood a chance of carrying a book. That said, I think with the recent termination of her solo series, even under very capable hands I doubt she's currently a great choice for a solo series. So whether this book follows Arena or ignores it, I'd say X-23's presence in it would be most sensible as part of a collective, leader or otherwise. The all-female team sounds good, with or without X-23 on it. Obviously I'd love to see her in it and that would make it easier to stomach Arena for me (though I'll still never approve of it unless they take it in a radically different direction), but do I actually think that's the case? I'm a bit too jaded at this point to hope that high.

I will say, I also really like the notion of a sort of series of one-shot character sketches. Given that Marvel seems bent on killing niche characters, I'm not sure they're likely to go in that direction with a series, but I agree it would be refreshing.

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