Half Assed?

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Does anyone else think that this whole thing is being run kind of unprofessionally? it doesn't make any sense. they are relaunching there most popular titles while leaving the titles that could use a hand like X-factor. they are even cancelling punisher and new mutants when this could have given them a great boost.

they should also have held out on releasing new books like Gambit, Captain Marvel and x-treme x-men until they would receive maximum exposure. the thunderbolts to dark avengers re brand should have waited too.

this close to the new 52 there was a lot more awareness with the general public. with marvel now! we are hardly getting anything. they have to pick up the advertising. it makes it seem more similar to the heroic age than the new 52.

and am i the only one who thinks they should sell comics in supermarkets? with Disney and Warner backing them how hard could it be? think of the sales comics would get then. at least sell them in the Disney stores, is there a comic shop at Disney land? do they even want to be successful?

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Marvels top brass needs to be replaced. Im looking at you Quesada and Bendis.

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I agree with everything you said. I can kind of see why Marvel decided to do this now, since Marvel needed some cleaning up sometime now, but they definitely should have hold back on releasing new titles like X-treme X-Men and Gambit since it would be so confusing to figure out where they land in after the effects of AvX.  Also, I wish that Marvel would just released more information about what new titles are coming out and what titles are being cancelled so that way, we would be better prepared for what titles we might buy or won't buy.

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@gravitypress: hmm, Bendis should definitely never be allowed within a mile of a big team book or an event ever again but i would be ok with him staying on ultimate spider-man and maybe put him on a street level book. but i completely agree about Quesada, he is all dried up. he just cant cut it anymore and some of his mistakes are indefensible.

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