Best Marvel Now Title?

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Hmm. I'm surprised I'm having such a hard time picking. I guess I'm liking it more than I realized. I'll have to go with Superior Spider-Man I suppose, although Indestructible Hulk is very good, Deadpool entertains, Captain America is fantastic, and the new X-titles are pretty decent. So far Uncanny Avengers has been hit/miss, but I gotta say, the villain has been great.

Jury is still out on Guardians of the Galaxy. There are things I love about it and things I think are stupid. I get that it's a soft reboot, but eh. So much unexplained, and why was it necessary to make Quill a typical blonde-haired white-hat character?

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  1. Thor: God of Thunder
  2. All New X-Men
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy
  4. New Avengers
  5. Avengers
  6. Indestructible Hulk
  7. Superior Spider-Man
  8. Nova

Thor is handsdown my favorite it's #1. Not so sure if I ranked the rest accordingly. I agree with 1-2 but 3-8 was a bit tricky. I wanted to rank "Superior Spider-Man" higher but it's one of those titles people really like or don't care for. I placed it 4th, since it's pretty well written and is one of the books I look forward each week. It's not as serious as the other titles and just a fun read with good humor.

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Best Marvel NOW! so far...

  1. Thor
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. New Avengers
  4. FF
  5. All New X-men
  6. Indestructable Hulk
  7. Fantastic Four
  8. Superior Spiderman
  9. Avengers
  10. Nova

Worst Marvel NOW!

  1. A+X
  2. Thunderbolts
  3. Iron Man
  4. Cable and the X-Force
  5. Savage Wolverine

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#1 all new x-men

#2 uncanny x-men

#3 nova

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journey into mystery. sif is awesome. but that's my personal prefference. for now. marvel has been killing dc in terms of quality books.

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1. Uncanny Avengers, what can i say i am a huge fan of Rick Remenders, i absolutely loved his run of Uncanny X-Force, i love his current run of Uncanny Avengers , and there is quite a bit of similarities in the 2.

2. Avengers/ New Avengers - Hickman's poetic writing, and near perfect flow of the story is just awesome.

3. Superior Spiderman / All New X men - A little different story than what you normally expected :)

Thor is good but it seems more like the book of Gorr than anything else, Deadpool, honestly not a big fan. Daredevil is ok, Hawkeye is pretty good, Fantastic Four and Future Foundation to me have been very average. Uncanny X-men, X-force and X-men seems meh!.

I am rather a lot more impressed with current run of Nova, Loeb, i believe you are a very over-rated writer but at least this story you have done well. Guardians of the Galaxy started cool, not its meh!.

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