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Point none.

Marvel NOW! Point One is a strange thing to review, for many reasons. Basically, this is meant to be our introduction into Marvel NOW!, and does it's best to introduce new titles and characters, but reading through it just felt disjointed and underwhelming.

The first problem is the main story, the one that serves as the structure or frame of the whole issue. Here, we basically see Nick Fury Jr talking with some guy from the future. And it was bad. The thing is, the new Fury (I'm going to call him "Blurry") is SUCH a boring character. He doesn't have that grizzled gruffness that Nick Sr. had, nor the charm that Ultimate Fury had in spades. And obviously he doesn't have any of the sheer Bada$$-ness of Samuel Jackson, so compared to all three incarnations of the character, he has nothing that made them likable or memorable. He feels like a throwaway character, the faceless cop who interrogates a criminal before stuff hits the fan. Coulson had more of a presence, and he hardly did anything at all. Worse still, the conversation between Blurry and the mysterious stranger did nothing more than hint at things to come, and only at the end did anything happen, and I promise you've seen it before.

Another problem with the book is basically the lack of variety, and the complete lack of certain titles. Look at the cover, and you see many of Marvel's heavy hitters. In this book, we only see previews for the books starring Cable and Nova, and of course Blurry is front and center here. Hulk? Captain America? Wolverine? Thor? Jean Grey? Completely absent. Of course, the benefit this does have is that some lesser known titles get more of a push.

Now, the stories featured in the book vary in quality, but for the most part they all seem interesting. We get basically little vignettes on 5 books to come, and I can't point out any one book that looks like it's going to be bad. Young Avengers easily looks to be the best of the bunch, with Loki being generally awesome like always. FF could go either way for me, and Cable and X-force isn't my cup of tea, but still, nothing bad about them. Nova surprised me, more than anything, since despite being something Loeb wrote after 2008 it didn't annoy the hell out of me. As for the Blurry story, it definitely seems like the lead in to the new volume of Secret Avengers, but I have to say, Marvel is REALLY pushing WAY too hard to capitalize on the success of the Avengers. That last line was so goddamn annoying I wanted to tear the book up in my hands. And that's what's the worst thing about bringing in a Black Nick Fury: There really is no reason, story-wise, that makes it necessary for him to exist. It's all about money, and it's so blatant that they won't even let you over look it.

Overall, the vignettes were entertaining, but If you're planning on picking up a couple of those books anyways, you might as well pass. It's basically 4 extended previews and a lame feature costing you 5$ for the privilege. Save your money.

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Posted by LiamB8

I really enjoyed this as I do love Nova and think that he is a amazing character for this story and I wouldn't be the same without him!

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