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Human Torch Torch is on a train that is attacked by a couple Martian spaceships. He fights off the Martians and saves Carson. Before dying Carson gives Torch a formula for a better TNT to give to his daughter. Torch brings the formula to Diane Carson and they find it to be very explosive. On the way to do a larger test Torch is attacked and captured by the Martians. Diane is also taken and Ritton, the man manipulating the Martians, attempts to kill her. Torch saves her and fights and beats Ritton. Torch and Diane find out the Martians aren't bad and agree to give them the formula.

Angel sees some cloaked figures kidnapping a woman. He tracks them down to a mansion and fights his way through the mansion to save the woman from being sacrificed. Angel combats the hypnotist leader of the cult, who falls into a trap pit when attempting to escape. The other cult members, being hypnotized, follow the leader into the pit. Angel and the woman leave the mansion alive.

The police set up a trap the catch Namor, using a female officer as bait. Namor falls for it, but ends up capturing the woman instead. Soon after Namor sees Nazis attacking a ship, destroys the submarine and bomber involved in the attack, and saves the ship. The woman then convinces Namor that Americans aren't evil and gets him to fight on the same side. He then uses mines to destroy three battleships and disables a submarine, allowing it to be captured by the Americans. The woman then asks Namor whether or not he will help the allied cause.

A hunter/collector, Steve Hardy, has led an expedition into the Congo. He catches some animals, including an elephant, Tuta. Ka-zar is told of this and after investigating determines that Hardy is not a bad man. During the night Ka-zar rescues all of the animals. Hardy attempts another hunt, but is thwarted by Ka-zar. The natives under Hardy's command believe Ka-zar is god and leave, forcing Hardy to give up his expedition. On his way back, Ka-zar is attacked by N'jaga, the leopard. Both survive the fight, although N'jaga believes Ka-zar to be dead.







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