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Human Torch Human Torch is watching a car race, when a driver loses control and crashes. Torch attempts to save the driver but is too late. He then sees more cars catch on fire and notices it is the cause of an airplane flying by the cars. He is arrested for causing the fires, but escapes to find the real killers. Torch determines who the culprits are and tracks them down, only to be caught and trapped in lime. He escapes and hurries to the next race. He catches up with the crooks again and has a fight with them, but they escape once again. Torch tracks them down at the airport and is able to capture them and clear his name.

Jane Framan is in Hong Kong to track down a treasure using a map she has. The map is wanted by Lelong, a member of the original expedition to find the treasure. Angel fights off Lelong, who poses as Sumner, a man trying to help Jane, and his thugs, and saves Jane multiple times throughout the story.

Namor reaches New York City and begins to wreak havoc from the start. He takes the clothes of a tramp, and when attempting to attain better clothes to disguise himself with ends up saving a young woman. He decides he can use the woman in his crusade against Americans and kidnaps her. The police catch up with Namor at the waterfront, where he fights them off, but loses the woman.

Ka-Zar attempts to get a mirror from Kraft's camp, but an ape, Bardak gets to it first. Ka-Zar beats Bardak in a fight and takes the mirror, but leaves him alive. Later, Ka-Zar and Zar run into a rampaging elephant, but are able to escape. Some days later Bardak steals one of Zar's cubs in an attempt to get the mirror from Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar saves the cub and kills Bardak, gains an enemy in Chaka, the ape leader, and gains another friend in Zar's mate, Sha.







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