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Hi there, True Believers!

This issue the Winter Solider gets payback on the man he holds responsible for Cap’s death… Iron Man! ‘Nuff said!

Next, the mystery behind Gadget’s murder deepens. Was Graviton truly the perpetrator? Iron Man is determined to find the truth!

Unfortunately, Captain Ultra, Gadget’s boss, isn’t too happy with ol’ Shell Head coming in and taking over, so he decides to make his feelings known!

We wrap up with some all-out asgardian action!

Thor’s quest to find his fellow Norse gods leads him to the unstoppable engine of destruction known as the Destroyer!

Now, read on…


Captain America: The superhero civil war is over. The Superhuman Registration Act remains the law. Captain America chooses to surrender when he realises that the battle is doing more harm than good - civilians have lost faith in their heroes. A few days later, while being transported to court, Cap is assassinated.

Unbeknown to all, working behind the scenes are Caps old enemies the red skull – secretly alive inside the body of e-soviet general and CEO of Kronas Corp Aleksander Lukin – evil psychiatrist doctor Faustus and mad scientist Armin Zola.

After losing the man she loves, Caps girlfriend Sharon Carter (aka Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D) discovers that she has been brainwashed by Faustus and that she is the one who delivered the shots that killed Cap.

Consumed by guilt and unable to act against Faustus programming. Carter quits S.H.I.E.L.D. Furthermore Cater learns that she is pregnant. She loses control of her mind again and flees... right to Dr. Faustus.

Meanwhile the red skull captures the winter solider, aka Bucky Barnes – Cap former partner. In an attempt to control Bucky, the red skull hands him over to Faustus, who tries to brain wash him. Bucky resists and with Sharon Carter’s help escapes, only to be arrested by the Falcon and the Black Widow.

Iron Man: The superhero civil war is over. The Superhuman Registration Act remains the law. Tony Stark is appointed Director of SHIELD., the international peacekeeping force. His first act is to create the Initiative, a plan that creates sanctioned teams of local superheroes in each of America’s fifty states. Unbeknown to all, stark is played by visions of his fallen friends Captain America and Maya Hansen, the creator of extremis enhance, who apparently recently committed suicide.

Meanwhile Iron Man’s old nemesis the Mandarin returns. Under a false identity, he joins the Research Company Prometheus Gentech Inc., as part of the team working on a top secret us government project to further develop extremis with its creator Dr. Maya Hansen

At the same time, in Omaha, Nebraska, one of the Initiative teams is attacked, apparently by a mentally unstable Graviton, who kills the young hero Gadget and hospitalises her team-mate, Paragon. Consequently, Iron Man arrives to investigate.

Thor: after several years in the void of death. Thor decides to return to life and the Earth. Resuming the mortal guise of Doctor Donald Blake he settles in a small Oklahoma town, where in the nearby desert he resurrects Asgard.

Thor realises that his fellow asgardians are alive within the bodies of mortals and decides that he will find them all and restore them to their former godhood.

As Donald Blake, Thor volunteers to help with the charity Medians Sans Fronti ères bringing medical aid to ware torn Dahran, Africa. There he encounters three mercenaries, hired to protect the refugee camps.

Suddenly the murders Ngare tribe attacks the camp. Blake becomes Thor and defeats them. After the battle, Thor restores the three mercenaries to their true forms, the warriors Three. Fandrall, Hogun and Voltage…

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