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As Spider-Man desperately navigates the seedy underworld of his most desperate and vile enemies, his missing family member is still nowhere to be found… The climax to this sold-out first arc features guest appearances by the Vulture, Black Cat, Electro, and The Owl… Get it fast, before they’re gone! 
The Vulture kidnaps Peter Parker from the hospital because he wants to see the face of Spider-Man's secret identity! The Vulture having no personal ties to Peter does not recognize him as anyone he should know, and the Vulture reckons that he has been beaten time and time again by a "nobody". He then just drops Pete and leaves him to become a smear on the sidewalk!

Enter The Black Cat! Felicia swings by just in time to catch pete and set him down on a rooftop! She then proceeds to fight the Vulture, ultimately managing to defeat and capture Adrian Toomes, and turns him over to the Owl, who has his men butcher and mangle Vulture's face, revealing the gory results to Electro in order to strike fear into him prior to torture over Max Dillon's role in the loss of Owl's money. Meanwhile as Peter recovers from gunshot wounds and his injuries from Vulture, J. Jonah Jameson receives photos of the unmasked web-slinger and says "That's a very familiar looking face"

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