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Hollywood heavyweight Hudlin (HOUSE PARTY, BOOMERANG) has already brought you his searing vision for Black Panther. Now he’s teaming up with red-hot artist Billy Tan (X-23) to shake up everyone’s favorite web-slinger. In part one of "Wild Blue Yonder," Peter Parker’s life is turned upside down. He’s got an incredible new pad (you won’t believe where), a new job, and -- although he doesn’t know it -- a new nemesis who’s everything that Peter isn’t. But first, Spider-Man’s got to deal with a more pressing problem – a shape-shifting super-villain who’s developed a nasty habit…and will do anything to feed it. And Wait – Who’s that hitting on Mary Jane!?

In wild blue yonder part 1 Spider-man finds Mary Jane with Wolverine.He then gets into a fight with the mighty Absorbing Man an escapee that can transform into any substance he want's by touching it.On top of that Peter also gets fired from his summer job and has to go to J.Jonah Jameson from a full time job and also meets a familiar face.Owl also sets up a deal with absorbing man.A hit list.If he takes out those people in a limited time he gets narcotics to settle his drug habit.

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