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It's simple

I've been interested in what this ending had to offer considering that the previous issues were a bit all over the place and a bit hard to follow. As an ending I was hoping to see something interesting and new, and to some degree i did get what I want, but still the series did have some problems.

In terms of the story and art I'm a bit divided because there were some things I really liked and then there were some aspects that I just couldn't really get over. First of all, I really enjoyed the fact that the characterization was spot on. While it's true that Hulk was probably a cause of a lot of pain he was mind controlled so it doesn't reflect on him, which I can live with. I find it very in character for Banner to feel guilty over the things he's done for the past few days. Speaking of which, I found the last pages to be particularly compelling as it was something I'd imagine banner doing, and it really made me happy that despite all of his arrogance and goals Banner is still really kind and compassionate.

The action was pretty good albite short lived, but it was nice to watch two Goliaths take it out on each other and it was essentially enjoyable. And since I'm talking about fights and clashes, I might as well mention the art, which was absolutely brilliant in my honest opinion, sure a few punches and action sequences were a bit rusty but that's a minor complaint when you take a look at the awesome landscapes crafted by Kowalski.

The main villain of the story, Harrow, was an interesting character but I was a bit disappointed that in the end she came down to being just another madman with a superiority complex who just wanted to cause utter chaos and prove someone wrong. She was still interesting but that was basically lost when she just went on and injected herself with the Hulk serum and became just another monster, it's not too big of a deal but still i would have preferred to see something more unique. Nevertheless, the nod to Hulk always being the ONE and ONLY was absolutely awesome and I couldn't help from smiling when I read that particular part.

As mentioned before, the story was a bit of a mess and I felt that Dooms addition to this issue was absolutely none excitant. he just sat there proclaiming how smart he is and how he planned everything out, however I do suppose it was simply to show just how reliable Hulks true power is that even doom didn't doubt in his abilities, which is why I kinda liked that he was still included.

My biggest complaint would be that Hulk was turned into a hound/attack dog. Now normally I don't mind control but an amped version of the Hulk bowing to someone else seems too off. People have had trouble with the Normal version so I'm having a hard time believing that a Hulk-on-Steroids would have been this easily manipulated.

In the end, I will say that I overall enjoyed this mini title. it wasn't perfect and If you ask me 4 issues was barely enough to actually make all of these events work well with one another, but still you can still tell that kowalski and Keatings have passion for the Hulk and they did honestly want this to be a story of epic proportions,and while it was a fun read there just wasn't enough time to flesh the story out like the probably really wanted to. Essentially I'll say that if you are a Hulk fan you'll still enjoy this mini and have a lot of fun with it.

Recommendation: Sure.

Posted by RaynorJ

Good review, i gotta say i agree with everything you said here.

Posted by Lvenger

Nicely balanced and fair review mate. Good job on picking apart the strengths and flaws of this issue as per usual :)

Posted by TheAcidSkull
Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Nice review .

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