jaadu's Marvel Graphic Novel #5 - X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills review

A timeless x-men issue!

Wow! I really loved this issue! I have to admit that (like the New Mutants graphic novel) this was a pain to find, especially IN FIRST PRINT!!!

anyways the plot is pretty smooth, the Purifiers (still present in x-men comics) are killing mutants and are ready to cause genocides of mutants! OMG I hate them! And yeah the x-men were on thin ice in this issue, especially since the all risked their deaths! I got so scared for Storm and Cyclops, they were sooooooo close to dying! But overall this issue is probably one of my favorite x-men plots, no wonder this graphic novel was reprinted numerous times!

Goooo X-men! :)

Posted by Meteorite

Yeah, its the best. And if you wanted to read it, but not first edition, you should pick up one of Marvel's Essentials. They're B&W reprints of classic issues.

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