jaadu's Marvel Graphic Novel #4 - The New Mutants: Renewal review


OMG this is sucha a good graphic novel..... LET ME FIRST START OUT BY SAYING that this was a bitch to find! It took forever to find, but i finally found it, but i wanted the first print, yeah took longer but FINALLY got it :D ! anyways it was WORTH IT! This story was soo cool bc the new mutants are finally born! First, Moonstar living with her Grandpa, has trouble with her powers, sunspot in Brazil, Wolfsbane in Scotland, saved by Moria.... And also Karma!!.........and then Cannonball in the South...... all the new mutants were taken to the Xavier institute...... but Cannonball wasn't, he went with the HELLFIRE....

yeah so the story is just like a mosaic, it just seems so real.... and the ending the new mutants are part of the xavier institute...... it's amazing for there being a new team apart from the x-men..... and on top of that a buncha cool new mutants :D Try your best to get ur hands on this issue--- its a bitch but worth it!


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    A Good Start 0

    When I was way younger than I am now, I remember loving this book. I picked it up since back in the day being an X-men fan was the thing to do. It basically is a recruitment issue. Still, it has elements to it that make it more fun than your regular, put the team together for world domination. Actually, the team is put together with a promise of no combat missions. That doesn't last long, but it sure does make it a better book in the begining. So grab onto this puppy if you can find it. It's ...

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