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In this particular Frank Miller/Roger Stern story, a series of fires had plagued the city of Brooklyn; an unknown arsonist had set all the fires. Captain America is among one of the brave men trying to rescue people from the latest blaze. He is desperately trying to make his way through the fire trucks and reporters as he changes into his costume of blue, red and white. A symbol to all the people of hope and what America means. With the intense heat all around him, sweat starting to drip of his forehead he rushes in to the thick of the crowd. Heroic act after act is performed by Captain America as the day draws on. But to him he is just doing his part. He saves a woman before she falls to her death, he is among the thick of the action. Helping where he is needed. He stays at the scene until he offers his expertise at the local police department. Anything he can do to offer his help in solving these unexplained acts of arson. The only clue the detective can offer is a ransom note asking for six million dollars.

It is signed "WE THE PEOPLE" at the bottom. A long night ahead of searching and interrogating.. His travels take him all over town. He is determined to fine the clues and answers needed. The night goes on as he goes from bars to rooftops to warehouses in his search to find the truth before another building is burned down.

Meanwhile, somewhere else the group calling themselves "WE THE PEOPLE" are holding a secret meeting. It is revealed that they are not super-villains, but a shopkeeper, a policeman, and others who feel that immigrants and others are taking the America they have come to know and love away from them.

As the meeting ends they have set into motion to burn down the nursing home “Down Sunset Manor”.

The policeman begins to have doubts around this time. Can this case be solved? Can Steve find the answers he is desperately racing against time to find? As the night precedes fire trucks arrive on the scene at “Down Sunset Manor” Captain America is with them as they trying to evacuate everyone in time. The scene is a chaotic one. Smoke fills the night air. The sounds of screams crying for help and confusion. For one resident it was already too late. The smoke inhalation and the fire itself had taken that person’s life. Steve covers the body as a sigh escapes his throat. Seeing the lifeless body only makes him more determined to find the killer or killers. As the building is searched a police badge is found among the burning remains of the building. Steve starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together. This is not a one-person job he realizes. Using the badge number he tracks down one of the men responsible. After integrating him the man tells him where to find their meeting place and more importantly their leader, who is just an ordinary man.

Once the leaders cover is blown he tries to set fire to the flag but instead accidentally detonates the gasoline containers, killing himself and setting their meeting place on fire. Captain America is trapped inside along with the other men. Using his shield he bust through the wall. He doesn’t waste anytime; he quickly turns back around to save the other men trapped inside. He has one more important thing to do. He rushes back inside the burning building to save the American flag.

At the end of the issue Captain America tells the surviving men that " America does not give you things on a silver platter, some times all it offers is hope".

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