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1st Story: "If the Fates Allow..."
As Ororo Munroe (aka the X-Men's Storm) flies from the X-Men's old home in Westchester, New York, through the hometown of deceased veteran X-Man Kitty Pryde in Chicago, Illinois, and finally arrives at the X-Men's new home in San Francisco, California, she reminisces through the good and the bad of recent times as she heads home to her family. 

She is greeted by her teammate Wolverine as the two observe the unremarkable sight of mutants and humans alike celebrating the holidays together--peacefully.  The nice moment is interrupted as perpetual jokester Bobby Drake (aka Iceman) slides past the pair and throws a snowball at Wolverine.  The two proceed to catch up on Colossus, Kitty Pryde's long-term love interest.  Wolverine remarks that he's trying his best to stay strong and positive during the holidays as are several other X-Men who have close friends missing.  As other X-Men help in the festivities, Cyclops thinks of his time-displaced son Cable (who, as chronicled in his eponymous solo title, has been jumping between future realities evading Bishop in an effort to protect the first born mutant).  During these solemn and simultaneously happy times, Dazzler sings a Christmas tune for the crowd.  As Dazzler's mutant powers activate and a glowing light shines brightly from the stage, Storm remarks that the light is an important reminder to keep faith that families will always be reunited again.

2nd Story: "Last Christmas"
In New York, a Skrull details his observations of the holiday spirit just before taking over a family man's life.  While the Skrull was far away when the Annihilation Wave hit and his friends and family lost their lives, he knows that his destiny awaits on Earth where a plan is set in motion.

As he assimilates into the human population as a bartender, he notices how during these times people are more willing to be warm and open to disclosing with one another.  He takes advantage of this when he meets a handsome young man named Patrick, whose life was finally hitting its peak with a successful career and a growing family.

The warm sentiments do not affect the Skrull and when Patrick least expects it he attacks him from behind and becomes Patrick.  Participating in his role of this secret invasion, the Skrull then knocks on the door and greets his new family for the impending holidays.

3rd Story: "Werewolf by Eve"
Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, is an average man by day.  His Christmas decorated home is nicely done, but by night Russel becomes an animal and destroys the family's hard work.

By Christmas morning, the family is not amused to say the least.

4th Story: "Santa Claus vs. The Illuminati"
In this out-of-continuity tale (as indicated by writer Brian Reed in the credits, "save all the letters asking where this fits in") Santa Claus needs the Illuminati's help in order to deliver all the presents to the good children by Christmas day.  The Illuminati offer their gems to give Santa Claus the Infinity Gauntlet to aid him in his journey around the globe.  While Doctor Strange maintains it would be a bad idea, he also participates in giving up his gem.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus gets a bad reaction to the Infinity Gauntlet and goes mad.  The Illuminati struggle in battling Santa, but through a superpowered snowball throw Namor is able to defeat him.

As Santa drops the Infinity Gauntlet, he remarks how his hopes for Christmas this year is now lost.  Conveniently, Iron Man offers him alcoholic iron reindeer to take him through the globe to deliver the presents.

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