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Save The Tiger[ part 9]:

Previously, Wolverine arrived in Madripoor and found himself among enimies and allies alike. He managed to evade local crimelord Roche and ended up with Tyger Tiger, the woman he was supposed to find and protect.

Now, Tyger and Wolverine have arrived inside Roche's territory to save their mutual friend, O'Donnel. Also, Tyger wants to behead Roche and take over his empire. But Tyger has been overpowered by Inquisitor, while Razorfist blocks Wolverine's way.

Razorfist and Wolverine fight it out. Razorfist has challenged him to a duel, and Logan has accepted it. Now, they engage in pitched battle. Razorfist slashes at him but fails to do considerable damage due to his adamantium coated bones. Wolverine's healing factor saves him but even then, Razorfist's bulk and will outmatches his mutant powers. He still does not bring out his claws.

Elsewhere, inside the dungeons, Inquisitor comes towards Tyger with a red-hot sword. Tyger suddenly kicks him without warning, and Inquisitor falls. She bangs his head. But Sapphire Styx catches her from behind and hurls her away. Tyger collides with a wall and falls down. Styx touches her and starts draining away her life-energy. But Tyger suddenly regains consciousness and bites her neck. Styx is horrified at her prowess. Tyger doesn't stop. She slashes at Styx with the heated sword, burning her face. But her head spins and she falls down. Styx and Inquisitor flee.

Elsewhere, Wolverine unsheathes his claws. He entangles Razorfist's blades among them and lures him closer to himself. Then he suddenly distracts Razorfist and shoves his blades deep into his chest. Razorfist falls, dead. Wolverine goes to look for Roche.

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 9 - Man Thing - The attack by Lord Zahner and his mercenaries on Marea and her cultists has ended in disaster, with Monteiro dead and Zahner himself grotesquely disfigured by the cauterizing touch of the Man Thing. For Marea, these events augur the coming of her Master's kingdom, the reign of perfect chaos on earth. The Cultists, with prisoners Zahner and Mickey Ditillio in tow, have begun a torchlight procession to the swamp for the final ritual to invoke the Master, unaware that from Washington D.C., Colonel Jody Choate has personally ordered their destruction.

Story #3 - In The Dark - Cloak - Cloak tries to rescue a little girl who fell down a well but when he finds her with some unknown creatures he attacks in an attempt to rescue her. Cloak soon finds that the creatures were trying to help the girl not harm her, when a flash flood strikes, putting them all in danger, leading Cloak to save the girl and her new friends.

Story #4 - A Piece of Cake - El Aguila (The Eagle) - El Aguila returns to Spain at the request of his cousin to take on El Conquistador who is causing trouble.

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