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Save The Tiger [part 8]:

Previously, Wolverine had arrived in Madripoor and found himself in deep trouble. He was imprisoned by local crimelord Roche, and later saved by Jessan Hoan a.k.a. Tyger Tiger. They were then tried to be bombed but narrowly escaped. Eventually, they caught one of Roche's men and convinced him to reveal Roche's location.

Now, Wolverine and Jessan enter into Roche's estate stealthily, both from opposite sides. Wolverine finds a lonely soldier and foeces him to reveal the details of Roche's villa. He gets the information of Roche's army, the location of his prisoner, O'Donnel and Roche's personal bodyguards, the trio, Sapphire Styx, Razorfist and the Inquisitor. Then he disposes of the guard.

Wolverine prepares to make his entry over the boundary wall. He cuts out some electrical cables and instantly, the whole compound plunges into darkness. The sentries are confused and start searching for lights. Wolverine jumps onto the wall. He thinks about Jessan, who makes her way up a sheer cliff on the back of Roche's estate. she wants him. wolverine thinks what will happen after that.

Meanwhile, Roche orders his guards to arm. He takes with him Razorfist and Inquisitor, and leaves Sapphire Styx to watch over O'Donnel. He thinks that the rescuers are making a mistake attacking him.

The guards unleash some Dobermans. They smell out Wolverine, but he scares them away with a growl. The sound alerts the guards to his presence and they bathe him in searchlights. Wolverine escapes narrowly.

Meanwhile, Tyger gains entry into Roche's compound and comes straight into the prison quarters. She sees Sapphire Styx kissing O'Donnel and shoots her. But suddenly, a whip unarms her and curls around her neck. The Inquisitor surprises her and threatens to disfigure her.

Meanwhile, Wolverine finishes off the guards and heads for Roche. But he finds Razorfist blocking his path. Razorfist challenges him to a duel.

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 8 - Man Thing - The Congressional testimony of Colonel Jody Choate has left the nation spellbound, but reporter Mickey Ditillio has penetrated almost to the core of Choate's covert operations and discovered it's links to drug smuggling, satanism and political scandal.

Story #3 - Crossing Lines Part 8 - Master of Kung Fu - Tracking a shipment of arms to a small island off the coast of Sardinia, Shang Chi and Shen Kui slip off to infiltrate the terrorist base alone forcing Tarr and Reston to follow in a helicopter. During a chaotic firefight, the chopper is downed and Shang Chi is seperated from Shen Kui. Finally facing Argus inside the base complex, Shang Chi receives the shock of his life.

Story #4 - One Day At A Time - Iron Man - As Iron Man is testing a new invention which draws static electricity from the air he accidentally brings forth the energy being ZZZAX, they battle and Iron Man is able to short circuit ZZZAX before he is able to reach the city and cause any harm to people there.

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