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Logan is being further field tested. He wears a helmet and several heavy batteries through whcih he can be controlled. Cameras watch him as he treads carefully but quickly through the snow, and picks up the scent of his target. He soon confronts a large Grizzly Bear. Logan quickly dispatches it with his claws, and the Professer is impressed. Logan is returned to the complex by the wranglers, as the Professer tells Cornelius that Logan is ready, despite the doctors protestations. He now wants to pit Logan against the ultimate competetition: man. After he leaves, Cornelius monolauges about how he doesn't feel cut out for all this. He hasn't got murder inside him like the Professer. Sudennly, the alarms sound and on the monitor, they see Logan kill the two wranglers. Cornelius calls the Professer and tells him he can't believe he's done this. The Professer replies he hasn't done anything, as Logan tears his way out of the lab, seemingly under his own violition.

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