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It's the big day. Logan is going to undergo field tests, and the Professer arrives at the labratory in a good mood. Cornelius has overcome a supra-endocrine problem and their subject is ready to go. Logan is covered in sheeps blood to attract hungry wolves that are released by the wranglers. All hi actions are monitered by Doctor Cornelius and Carol Hines, and filmed by cameras stationed in the forest. The wolves pick up the scent and rush towards their victim. As they approach, Logan doesn't move a muscle, and his adrenaline dosen't rise. As he is attacked by the wolves and following a brief period of uncertanty, his epinephrine suddenly rises, and his claws extend from his body. He starts to fight back, much to the Professers delight. His levels are incredibly high, much more than a normal human's. He fights the wolves in the most savage manner, using his physical strength and claws to massacre them. Checking the way that the human trabeculea reacts with the adamantum proves to the Professer that they have created the perfect killing machine. Logan kills all the wolves, and then lets out a bestial roar as aminalistic as his prey. With the test over, his feeds are cut and he falls unconscious to the forest floor. The Professer has him lay there in the gore overnight in sub-zero conditions to toghen him up and there he has the wranglers collect him in the morning. He has many more trials for Weapon X to endure.

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