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Due to the adamantium bonding process, Logan's brutish impulses have been greatly enhanced. The Professor asks Doctor Cornelius if his experiments will correct the situation, but Cornelius replies that they won't, but it should give him a real knowledge of his stress dynamics. The Professor wonders what the use of a weapon is if they can't control him. Cornelius offers him a microphone with which he can connect in some way with Logan. He tries to use it before it is switched on, embarrassing himself. As more experiments take place, Logan begins to wake and he grabs Hines around the throat as he sits up. Images appear on screen created subconsciously by Logan. He is in great pain, and he doesn't know why they're doing this to him. The Professor tries to order him to release Hines, which he does, only to grab the Professor instead. Security rushes in and sedates Logan, and in his shock, the Professor orders them to kill Logan. Cornelius calms him down, as Logan sleeps, his subconscious meets out his revenge on screen for all to see.

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