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Dr. Cornelius explains to the Professer who he and two security guards narrowly nearly escaped being slaughtered by Logan when he crashed into the observation booth after murdering a young technician. Luckily for them, his life-suppport feeds had came out and he passed out before any real danger arose. To get the doctor back on side, the Professer offers to induct him further into the program. The doctor accepts the offer, and the Professer explains that Logan is homo superior. His life has been an endless succession of drunken fights, without purose and always violent. With the intervention of Expierement X, he has became the most formidable tacticle weapon ever concieved. Logan wakes up and begins to tear at his bindings again, but a burst of gas knocks him unconscious again. The Professer explains thah Logan needs restructuring, trained, and then programmed. This is a job Cornelius is idealy suited to.

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