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Logan is unconcious as he is expieremented upon. The Professer wonders why his superiors failed to tell him he is a mutant with some kind of superhuman power to regenerate damaged tissue. He is annoyed that his staff might think he lacks control. He wonders what else he doesn't know about Expierement X. Carol Hines monitors a leakage at Logan's wrists, but everything seems normal. Later,a lab technician monitors Logan, and he informs the Professser that their subject has sikes coming out of his wrists. There's blood everywhere. The Professer at first asks not to go and help Logan, however after ensuring that Logan cannot escape, he asks the technician to enter the room. By the time Dr.Cornelius and his security staff arrive, the technician is on the floor undereath Logan, seemingly dead. The Professer who is monitoring the events from afar smiles. He is impressed with what he sees.

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