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Save The Tiger [part 7]:

Previously, Wolverine had arrived in Madripoor and fallen into the crimelord, Roche's hands. He managed to escape somehow, and was saved by a former friend, Jessan Hoan. After that they took a boat ride and came back to the harbour, only to find themselves in a ship booby trapped with explosives.

Now, Wolverine saves Jessan from drowing. He comes up with her a little beyond the burning ship. He knows that sense of air would excite Jessan and so clamps his hand over her mouth. Jessan wakes up and they both swim quietly to the harbour. They spot Roche's men looking for them, out in the sea.

Wolverine tells Jessan that its time she made her move. Jessan replies that it concerns him no longer. Wolverine warns her that she too will become a filthy


if she does like Roche.

Later that evening, thugs appear at Madame Joy's. The women are terrified and a confusion ensues. The thugs plan to execute them. One girl runs out frightened. A thug follows her. She calls out to police, who are thugs themselves. They ignore her.

Suddenly, Wolverine leaps out and takes him down. As the others prepare to shoot, Jessan leaps out and shoots them point blank. Wolverine takes down the remaining ones. He makes the last one divulge Roche's location. Then he leaves him. But Jessan makes sure that he doesn't go anywhere and stabs him dead.

Back at Roche's villa, Roche is holding O'Donnel prisoner. He tortures him. O'Donnel threatens that the tiger will come for him. Razorfist slashes at him and the Inquisitor prepares his hardwares of torture...

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 7 - Man Thing - Perfect chaos, Marea saw it, felt it, learned to cherish it on her journey through Man Thing's inner being. To fulfill her mission for the "Master" she worships, she must bring that immaculate madness into flower on earth, she must expose loyalty as betrayal, truth as lie, love as hate and duty as obsession, it may prove easier than she expects.

Story #3 - Crossing Lines Part 7 - Master of Kung Fu - Hoping to locate a terrorist base run by an arm's merchant named Argus, Shang Chi and Shen Kui (aka Cat) survive encounters with drug dealers and Yakuza, rejoining Blackjack Tarn and Clive Reston to follow the bloody trail to it's end before moves are made on Leiko Wu's life and a NATO conference in Rome.

Story #4 - From Sea To Deadly Sea - The Sub Mariner - While exploring the Bermuda Triangle, Namor encounters a sinking ship and soon realizes that it did not sink by accident, it was sunk by undersea marauders who want the ship's cargo, after being attacked and poisoned by the thieves he finds the antidote and follows the thieves to their hideout in a dead zone area of the ocean. While exploring the hideout Namor is captured and attacked by mutant sharks, he kills one of the sharks and while the others feed on it he makes his escape. Namor soon learns that these aren't normal thieves he's dealing with but militants who want to attack Atlantis with stolen munitions from the ships they are sinking. As he further explores the hideout he is attacked by the leader of the militants and finds him to be his old enemy Zoga who was exiled from Atlantis, Namor defeats him and destroys the weapons thus saving Atlantis from attack.

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