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This issue features four stories.

"On the Road" starring Wolverine and the Hulk. "Part 5: You Can Run... But You Can't Hide"

"Children of the Beast" starring the Werewolf. "Chapter V: Communion" - The Werewolf has been viciously attacked by the Braineaters, and bleeds from a dozen wounds, including those inflicted by Silver Dagger. In a hilly area near Death Valley, he finds a small cave, crawls inside and curls up, and drifts into sleep. Jack Russell, buried within the beast's primal mind, begins to dream. He feels his soul float through a fantastic netherworld where he finds the spirit of the Werewolf shackled and fettered. The beast cries in pain and fear, and suddenly, Jack gains an understanding of the creature. Using the energy of his consciousness, he shatters the chains holding the Werewolf back, then finds himself within the body of the man-beast, fully aware and in control. Within minutes, the Braineaters arrive on their motorcycles and attack him, but he defends himself. Then, silver bullets rip through several of the lycanthropes as, from a nearby rise, Silver Dagger and his holy army gird for battle.

"Neptune's Eye!" starring the Sub-Mariner. "Part II: The Old Man in the Sea"

"Neutralizing Effects" starring the Iron Man.

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