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This issue features four stories.

"On the Road" starring Wolverine and the Hulk. "Part 3: Shootout at the Fantasy Factory"

"Children of the Beast" starring the Werewolf. "Chapter III: Trail of Blood" - Critically injured, the Werewolf staggers through the forest, dimly recalling the previous hours. Silver Dagger broke into Jack Russell's home minutes before the full moon rose, transforming Jack. The Werewolf, repelled by the silver in the intruder's costume and weapons, leapt out the window into the woods. Silver Dagger chased after and caught up with him, scoring multiple wounds in the man-beast's flesh before the Werewolf could slash his foe's chest. Dagger let the beast run off while he performed a ritual to cauterize and scourge the gashes.

Suffering from massive loss of blood, the Werewolf collapses, and is approached by a pack of werewolves dressed in biker gear. The leader, a she-wolf, says, "Hi, Dad."

"Family Matters" starring Stingray. "Chapter Four: Brotherly Love"

"Any Number Can Play" starring Speedball

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