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This issue features four stories.

"On the Road" starring Wolverine and the Hulk. "Part 2: With Friends Like These..."

"Children of the Beast" starring the Werewolf. "Part 2: The Gathering Storm" - As Jack Russell paints a pentagram and mystic symbols on the floor, he recalls his trip earlier that day to Zontar's shop. At the establishment specializing in magical artifacts, he traded a bag of werewolf fur to Zontar in exchange for a scroll containing a necromantic spell. While Jack prepares his ritual, Silver Dagger follows his trail, intimidating Zontar into giving him Jack's location. He leaves, and a leather-clad biker chick kills Zontar, then steals the werewolf fur.

Soon, Jack conjures the spirit of his father Gregor Russoff. The apparition tells Jack he can't end his curse, so he must find a balance between the man and the wolf. As he fades, he offers a warning about "the grandchildren". As Jack stands in the remnants of his mystic symbols, Silver Dagger bursts in through his door.

"Family Matters!" starring Stingray. "Chapter Three: Pursuit!"

"The Sons of Mary Tao-Yu" starring Collective Man

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