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Story #1 - Save The Tiger Part 5 - Wolverine sees himself walking across an endless desert. His hands are tied to a wooden log accross his shoulders. Its hot and Wolverine feels as if he's dying.

Suddenly, Sapphire Styx comes out of nowhere. She stands in front of him and gives him a deep kiss, draining the life energy out of him. Wolverine realizes that his healing factor cuts in every time she does that act and he cannot be killed by her.

Roche and his gang appear in front of him. They despise and rebuke him. Wolverine cannot stand the humiliation and with a sudden strength, breaks his captivity. He tries to attack the gang but the Inquisitor throws him off-balance. Next, Razorfist comes up and drives his blades straight through Wolverine's body. Wolverine slumps to the ground. Roche mocks him and shoves him over the edge of the cliff. He falls.

Wolverine finds himself in water, salt water. He realizes that he was hallucinating. He finds himself floating in an ocean. He dreams of Mariko Yashida. But his body is too spent to carry him further. He sinks like a dead weight.

Jessan Hoan appears on the scene with a boat. She quickly dives underwater and brings him up. She finally manages to lug his body onto the boat and carry him away.

Later, Wolverine sees a face like that of Mariko, which clears to become that of Jessan's. Wolverine thinks that it is a trap and punches her out of his way. He gets mad and brings out his claws. Jessan looks on in fear. But he is too weak to attack and slumps to the ground.

For days, Jessan takes care of him. One morning, when she is too tired to get up, Wolverine comes in with tea. She sees him standing and is exihilliarated. Wolverine thanks her for saving his life, and she in turn, thanks him for saving hers earlier.

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 5 - Man Thing - In northern California the super soldier experiment has failed yet again, claiming the life of Senator Wilbur Wycombe. In Washington, Colonel Jody Choate has decided, against the advice of his lawyer, to throw himself on the mercy of the American people and implicate nobody but himself in the Latverian arms scandal. In the Florida glades, reporter Mickey Ditillio has escaped the clutches of Zahner and Monteiro, and in the little town of Casagota, Man Thing and the devil priestess Marea are about to forge a strange and meaningful relationship.

Story #3 - Crossing Lines Part 5 - Master of Kung Fu - Needing help to rescue Leiko from an unknown terrorist base. Shang Chi recruits the former Hong Kong gangster Shen Kuei (also known as Cat), and takes him to a junk floating in the harbor. There, Tarr and Reston brief them on a plan to infiltrate the Yakuza, Japanese gangsters suspected of smuggling arms to the united terrorists factions, returning to the docks, Chi and Cat agree to pose as Yakuza. Behind them, the junk promptly blows up.

Story #4 - You'll See It When You Believe It - Daredevil - A neglected teenager tries to commit suicide but is found by Daredevil, the teen tells Daredevil that it was a man named Rick who hurt him not that it was a suicide attempt. Daredevil searches the city for a man matching Rick's description but can't find him and growing suspicious returns to the teen for more information but interrupts a second suicide attempt and saves the teen's life.

Story Titles

  • Wolverine: "Save The Tiger" (Part 5 of 10) "The Rescue"
  • Man-Thing: "Elements of Terror" (Part 5 of 12) "God and Country"
  • Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu: "Crossing Lines" (Part 5 of 8) "Lures"
  • Daredevil "You'll See It When You Believe It"

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