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Story #1 The Retribution Affair Part 3 - Cyclops - Cyclops finds himself in the middle of a deadly mystery. Moira MacTaggert is under the hypnotic control of the mutant hating sentinel known as Master Mold, at his bidding she has been performing mysterious experiments upon two local children. Now one hovers near death and soon all mutantkind may face extermination.

Story #2 - Panther's Quest Part 7 - Black Panther - The Black Panther's meeting with Patrick Slade, a curio shop owner, has been violently interrupted by mercenaries led by Elmer "Sex N' Violence" Gore. Zanti Chikane has become a less than enthusiastic companion to the Panther, especially since the Panther's unauthorized presence in South Africa has already made television news and prompted Magistrate of communications, Anton Pretorius, to promise that the Nationalist Government will make every effort to hunt the Panther down.

Story #3 - Nightmare In Suburbia Part 1 - Dr. Strange - Dr. Strange has detected a demon in the small town of Minerva Ohio but what he thought would be a simple task of banishing it turns out to be more trouble than he thought.

Story #4 - Overture - Damage Control - First Appearance Of Damage Control - When a clash of super powered being happens, Damage Control is who you call when it's over to pick up the pieces.

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