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Story #1 - The Retribution Affair Part 2 - Cyclops - Journeying to Muir Island at the request of an old friend, Cyclops find's himself attacked by an unseen adversary. He discovers Moira MacTaggert is deeply involved in whatever is happening on the island. In an attempt to investigate what is going on he becomes more involved in a strange and deadly mystery.

Story #2 - Panther's Quest Part 6 - Black Panther - Since he's arrived in South Africa T'challa has defended himself against mercenaries and South African security forces. He's come to learn if a curio shop owner named Patrick Slade really knows if the mother he hasn't seen since he was a child is still alive. Zanti Chikane, a gold miner, reluctantly gives the barbed wire gouged and bloodied Panther aid. But this is a place imminently hostile, not only to the great cat.

Story #3 - X Mas Tease - She Hulk - The She Hulk has a case of the Christmas Blues, so she calls up Ben Grimm and dreams up some things to brighten her day, such as a fight with some super villains such as Doctor Doom, Magneto and Galactus but she realizes this could ruin Christmas for everyone else so instead she opens her Christmas presents and it turns out the whole story was a plug for her new book.

Story #4 - A Christmas Card - Willie Lumpkin - A plodding, pixilated postman from the midwest, Willie Lumpkin never dreamed he would one day deliver mail to the super hero family the Fantastic Four. Tonight however on Christmas Eve the good natured Willie must save his immortal soul from a misdirected spirit's art of redemption alone!!

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