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Story #1 - God's Country Part 8 - Colossus - The minutes tick away as Colossus must destroy the Cold Warriors before an innocent family is slaughtered. When war rages and bullets fly it gets impossible to tell who you can trust. Bruce and Colossus decide to trust nobody not even themselves.

Story #2 - Panthers Quest Part 5 - Black Panther - The Black Panther's flesh is lacerated with barbed wire gashes caused by a mercenary named Elmer "Sex N' Violence" Gore. His wounds are tended by a gold miner named Zante Chikane but both men are in serious trouble. They have been sighted by South African security forces and automatic weapons are already aimed in their direction.

Story #3 - Do You See What I See? - The Watcher - The Watcher spins a tale of Christmas to a being that want's to give the Earth to another as a gift.

Story #4 - The Retribution Affair Part 1 - Cyclops - Cyclops travels to Muir Island to help an old friend, but he will discover something that could threaten his life.

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