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Story #1 - God's Country Part 7 - Colossus - Colossus enters the lion's den alone, he has five hours to bring down the Cold Warriors. Little does he know it's already too late, the family he's sworn to protect is already uner attack.

Story #2 - Panther's Quest Part 4 - Black Panther - The Black Panther has managed to enter South Africa secretly to learn if a curio store owner on the outskirts of a South African township really knows if his mother is alive or dead. The two are attacked by a mercenary leader named Elmer "Sex N' Violence" Gore and both barely manage to escape from death.

Story #3 - Dreamwalk - Longshot - An Australian aborigine teaches Longshot how to dreamwalk and he get's into trouble as only that X-Man can!!

Story #4 - This Is A Savage Land - Ka Zar - The peace in the Savage Land is a fragile peace, war is about to erupt between the Lemurians and Swamp Men. To stop the war Ka Zar rescues Queen Leanne of Lemuria from the Swamp Men, yet when he does things get worse.

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