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Story #1 - God's Country Part 6 - Colossus - On orders of the mysterious man called Alexander, a team of renegade super powered government agents are intent on assassinating an American family, witness to a sanctioned murder. Only the Russian X- Man, Colossus, has stood as their protector, but now a new player enters the picture.

Story #2 - Panther's Quest Part 3 - Black Panther - The Black Panther has surreptitiously entered South Africa to learn if Patrick Slade, the owner of a curio store, really knows if his mother is alive or not. Before T'challa can learn the answer to that, they are attacked by a mercenary force that plays for keeps.

Story #3 -The Maiden Phoenix - Marvel Girl - The Phoenix Force summons Marvel Girl to aid it, but she discovers that it is not the true Phoenix Force that was summoning her, but the spirit of a long dead Morlock girl, who lived in the Morlock tunnels, named Lightning Bug, and now Lightning Bug wants to take over Marvel Girl's body so she can live again.

Story #4 - Desert Tears - Red Wolf - Red Wolf is badly injured and as he battles for his life, he takes a journey through the Spirit World to see the one who gave him his power, and learns that regardless of his past as a soldier, he has done well in being the Red Wolf and in the end he survives his injuries and continues as the hero Red Wolf.

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