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Story #1 - God's Country Part 5 - Colossus - While staying with a family preparing for an impending cold war, Colossus encounters the same "super soldiers" who attacked him earlier, but now they have added another member to their ranks and they've got deadly intentions.

Story #2 - Panther's Quest Part 2 - Black Panther - The Black Panther has stalked the night shadows of a township in South Africa. He has come on a personal quest to find the mother he has never known, to meet a man who has sworn that he has proof that she is still alive, Unfortunately the Panther is not the only one who stalks the night.

Story #3 - The Feathered Felon - Speedball - While leaving his office Robbie Baldwins dad has a file stolen by a birdlike creature and Robbie decides to track him down as his alter ego, Speedball, and recover the file and soon realizes the creature didn't mean any harm he was just having fun and it's very easy for Speedball to recover all the things taken by The Feathered Felon.

Story #4 - Angel In The Snow - Nomad - When his informant is shot and killed, Nomad goes straight to the man who arranged it for vengeance, a pimp and drug dealer named El Corazon Del Cuchillo (The Heart of the Knife), only to learn that the police are in on his dirty work.

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